The Color Scheme From Hell-Ex!
Franchise Transformers
Set Rotor Rage,

Decepticon Bruticus

Year 2012, 2013
Blind Bag Code
Number of Pieces 8, 9
Allegiance Decepticons

Vortex is a Decepticon Kreon released as part of the Rotor Rage Building Set, as well as in a different color scheme and some additional parts in wave 1 of the Kreon Micro Changer Combiners series as part of a set of 4 Combaticon kreons that combine to form Decepticon Bruticus. He uses the same helmet as Soundwave, one single Starscream arm blaster, and a vest piece that fits a helicopter rotor to allow it to spin freely. The version that came with the Rotor Rage set included an extra Dark Energon-colored transparent purple torso piece, while the Micro-Changer version had two arm blasters instead of one, as well as a piece to form his tail rotor in vehicle mode.

In the Transformers Webcomic, Vortex speaks with a distinctive verbal tic, ending every sentence with an "-ex" derived from his own name. Such a quirk is not unusual in Japanese media, where it is known as キャラ語尾 (kyara-gobi), meaning a "chara"(cter) word/suffix. A comparable character trait in English might be if he constantly spoke in self-referential puns.

Official BioEdit

Wooooo! Ha ha! Hands in the air everybody, and get ready for the ride of your life! I’m VORTEX, and if I can’t terrify you with a series of dangerous aerial stunts into telling me where I can find some ENERGON, I’m not doing my job.

Occupation: Interrogator.

Favorite aerial stunt: Triple loop.

Likes: Dropping AUTOBOTS from a great height.

Character Profile:

Vortex is known to have a few loose screws in that evil head of his. When he's not scraping together all the Energon he can find (he loves that stuff!), he's taking unsuspecting Autobots on crazy helicopter rides to their doom. Be careful with this wild bot or you might end up in trouble.


Vortex-Robot 1350932432

How long before you're sick of my verbal tic-ex?


Vortex-Copter 1350932432

What are you talking about? Guns make excellent skid rails-ex.