Vehicon (Decepticon Ambush)Edit

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The Decepticon Ambush set features Cliffjumper busting through a Decepticon checkpoint and comes included with three Vehicon Kreons. While each one uses the same base body and tampographs, each one is slightly different from the others; one comes with wheels on his legs, another has a Shockwave wrist-mounted blaster, and one has Wheeljack wings on his back and the Starscream arm-mounted blasters.

All three Vehicons use the same helmet as Megatron.

Character Profile:

If there's one thing that MEgatron values in his soldiers, it's obedience. Vehicon always shows up on time, never deviates from the plan, and always keeps his mouth shut. What more can an evil leader ask for?

Vehicon (Micro Changer)Edit

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Vehicon is a Decepticon Kreon released in wave 2 of the Kreon Micro Changer series.

Character Profile:

If there were an award for sucking up, Vehicon would win it every single time. He's always showering Megatron with compliments and praise, while talking badly about the leader behind his back. It's really not cool - and dangerous to boot. One bad move, and Vehicon could be headed to the trash heap!