Autobot Springer
Kre-O-Springer-Robot 1342304634
Third mode? What third mode?
Franchise Transformers
Set Transformers Micro-Changers

Collection 1 (#A2200)

Year 2012
Blind Bag Code 22851 42
Number of Pieces
Allegiance Autobot
Resources Instructions
Springer is an Autobot Kreon released in wave 1 of the Kreon Micro Changer series.

Official BioEdit

Kre-O-Springer-Copter 1342304634
When you need a job done right the first time, you give it to me. I’m the go-to commando for undercover missions deep behind DECEPTICON® lines. Whenever you hear about some evil plan getting taken apart brick by brick? That’s my work.

Partner: I work alone. Unless OPTIMUS PRIME® won’t let me.

Special skill: Disguising explosives as critical building components. Watch out!

What’s missing: Yeah, I could turn into a car, too. I just don’t feel like it.

Character Profile:

When Optimus Prime needs a skilled explosives expert for a secret mission, there's only one guy he calls: Springer. Springer occasionally hangs out with his Autobot buddies, but his lack of social skils can make it difficult for him to fit in. And he's got a super weird sense of humor. Don't let him tell you the joke about the screwdriver and the lug nut. It's terrible.