Kreon Spinister wallpaper
Spinister tried to shoot you, but

then he tries to shoot EVERYONE.

Franchise Transformers
Set Transformers Micro-Changers

Preview Series (A1007)

Year 2012
Blind Bag Code 21451 7
Number of Pieces 13
Allegiance Decepticon
Resources Instructions

Spinister is a Decepticon Kreon released as part of the Preview Series of Transformers Micro-Changers Kreons, based on the Transformers character of the same name. He is distinctive among Decepticon kreons for his light blue eyes, a trait usually ascribed to Autobots.

Official BioEdit

I am known as Spinister. I am dark, silent and dangerous. You are one of the few to hear of me and survive, so keep it on the down low, all right? I can’t have a bunch of squishy humans blabbing my name and ruining my mysterious rep.

Hobby: Hiding fusion bombs in the Autobot restroom.

Dark Secret: Terrified of Galvatron.

Best Friend: His beam cannon.

Character Profile:

Spinister is always up to something ominous and secretive. He can really moody, too. When he's not blowing up Autobots with his beam cannon, you might catch him reading his favorite novel, Botlight. It's a real page-turner.


Together with Galvatron and Scorponok, Spinister attempted to rob a bank. When the Autobots Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Wheeljack showed up to stop them, Spinister summoned Devastator with a whistle, and the giant combiner tore the roof off of the building and attacked the Autobots. With his enemies defeated, Spinister escaped with a load of energon hooked to his vehicle mode.[1] The energon was used in the creation of an enormous Dark Energon weapon, which Spinister turned on for the sinister purpose of making Megatron a grilled cheese sandwich. When Wheeljack and Cliffjumper attempted to infiltrate the Decepticon base in disguise, Spinister joined a group of other Decepticons in surrounding the Autobots, unaware that they were merely a distraction while Optimus and Bumblebee used the weapon to destroy Megatron's sandwich and then blast Megatron into individual blocks. He was forced to watch from inside a cheese-coated net with the other Decepticons as the Autobots performed a victory dance.[2]



To him, the world is a collection of vaguely hostile shapes.

As a Transformers Micro-Changer Kreon, Spinister can be built in "robot mode" or "vehicle mode". His robot mode is constructed by putting together the torso and legs, with a vest piece that holds a helicopter rotor (originally made for the Vortex kreon) slid onto his neck before putting his head in place. He shares a helmet mold with Mirage, and a transparent purple version of Soundwave's gun. He can also wield an oversized twin-barreled "beam cannon" made from the remaining parts of his vehicle mode. 


Does not turn into an unmarried woman.

In vehicle mode, Spinister turns into the likeness of a helicopter by simply turning to face downwards, with the grip from his beam cannon pegging into the side of his right leg to form a tail rotor while the remaining pieces connect to the front of his vest to form landing skids and a pair of guns.

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