Sentinel Prime (30687)
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Is he a traitor, a jerk, or will he just show up and die? We don't know yet.
Serial Number 30687
Franchise Transformers
Year 2011
Release Date June 2011
Price $39.99
Number of Pieces 386
Allegiance Autobots (Sentinel)
Decepticons (Soundwave, Thundercracker)
Kreons Included Sentinel Prime
Fire Chief
Run Standard

The Sentinel Prime Deluxe set is a building set released in 2011.


  • Buildable Sentinel Prime
  • Missile
  • Tool trees (x2)


Official BioEdit

Since Optimus Prime took over, I've had a lot more time to devote to rest and relaxation. Sure, I take time to knock a Decepticon block off now and again, but all these rivers on Earth aren't gonna fish themselves.

  • Hobbies: Deep-sea fishing with the block and tackle. Napping between battles.
  • Most Prized Possession: My indestructible battle hammer!
  • Favorite Hangout: The shore of the nearest lake.

Character ProfileEdit

Once the clever and merciful leader of the Autobots, Sentinel Prime now spends his days fishing in the many bountiful bodies of water Earth has to offer. Since passing on the reins of leadership, Sentinel Prime uses his free time to reflect on his greatest triumphs. He also loves a good nap.


Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Sentinel Prime's head is based on Animated Sentinel Prime. The design of the Sentinel Prime Kreon is inspired by Sentinel Prime's appearance in the Megatron Origin comics.
  • Like many other Kre-O sets, the stock photography features robot construction that differs from the final product. Sentinel Prime's shoulders, feet, and legs are a bit different than on the actual toy. The stock photography actually shows a robot mode that is more similar to his appearance in Dark of the Moon; specifically the shielded shoulders and pointed feet.