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Caught red handed!

Ratchet's mechanical skills are world renowned, but he doesn't work for free. If you want something done well, you'll have to pay. That is, unless you throw a spider at him. Then he'll just run away.

Official Profile[]

I'm a TRANSFORMER, a KREON personality and the best mechanic this side of CYBERTRON. An AUTOBOT needs a new plasma coil or ENERGON inducer? Well, that's going to cost 'em. Don't get me wrong, I love those guys, but I'm not running a charity here. My time and skills have some serious value!

  • Favorite Pastime: Combing intergalactic thrift shops for vintage KRE-O bricks.
  • Most Prized Possession: An ENERGON infused assembly schematic of OPTIMUS PRIME.
  • Biggest Fear: Spiders.


Autobot Ratchet (30662)[]

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Autobot Command Center[]

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Autobot Ratchet Custom Kreon[]

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Optimus Prime Dino Hauler[]

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Ratchet is included in the Optimus Prime Dino Hauler building set alongside an Autobot Driver and two Vehicon Kreons.

Kreon Class of 84[]

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