Decepticon Rampage
Kre-O-Rampage-Robot 1342304072
Like most housecats, then?
Franchise Transformers
Set Transformers Micro-Changers

Collection 1 (#A2200)

Year 2012
Blind Bag Code 22921 45
Number of Pieces
Allegiance Decepticon
Resources Instructions
Rampage is a Decepticon Kreon released in wave 1 of the Kreon Micro Changer series. Behavior like this is probably why his team mates don't let him join in forming Predaking .

Official BioEdit

Kre-O-Rampage-Beast 1342304072
Rooooooarrr! I don’t have time for you! I’m too busy shredding things with my claws and blasting AUTOBOTS® with my lightning rifle. Raarrr! I hate talking! Why do I have to talk to you? Why can’t I just go outside and destroy something?!

Hobbies: Clawing things. Pouncing on things.

Likes: Jumping. Running. Destroying stuff.

Favorite restaurant: Anywhere that serves crisped meat.

Character Profile:

Don't mess with Rampage. He's got a really short temper and will attack anyone he doesn't like. Oh, and don't even think about taking a sip out of his Energon when he's not looking because he will crush you.