Shortest of all the guys who

are the exact same height.

Serial Number A2200 (2012)
Franchise Transformers
Year 2012
Number of Pieces 10
Allegiance Autobots
Bag number 22851 44 (2012)
None (2016
Included in Micro-Changers Collection 1
Run Standard

Quickslinger is an Autobot Kreon released in the first full wave of the Kreon Micro-Changer series.

Official BioEdit

Some of the other AUTOBOTS call me small, and I’m all like, “All KREONS are the same size!” And anyway, most AUTOBOTS can’t fly, can they? Well, check me out! Not only can I fly higher than just about anyone else, I’ve also got the fastest blaster this side of CYBERTRON.

  • Dislikes: Short jokes.
  • Favorite aerial stunt: The Iacon Twist.
  • Signature weapon: Deconstructo Blaster.

Character ProfileEdit

Good things come in small packages! At least that's what Quickslinger keeps telling himself. He might be swift and sleek, but he still gets picked on by his Autobot pals for being a small fry. They certainly don't laugh when he whips out his Deconstructo Blaster, though. that thing means business.


Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Quickslinger is based on Generation 1 Slingshot.
  • Quickslinger can be unofficially built as part of Superion, if you have any sense of creativity.
  • The 2016 reissue of the toy uses the 2015 Kreon body, and the revised Ratchet helmet, which has had the crest trimmed so as not to cover his eyes.