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If we can dispense with all the "jokes" and "fun," and simply concentrate on doing our jobs, everything will get done much more quickly and pleasantly. Now please excuse me. I have a number of algorithms to calculate, and I’m too excited to wait any longer.
Biggest Fear:
Shapes that aren't bricks. They just don't make sense!

Personal Hero:
Block Samson – the best cybercop I ever met!

Most Prized Possession:
My graphing calculator.

Character Profile:

Prowl is always in the corner fiddling around with his calculator and doing smart stuff. Logic and intelligence really fire up Prowl's circuits! One day he hopes to follow in the footsteps of his idol, cybercop Block Samson. An Autobot can dream, can't he?


  • Prowl with Prowl and human "SWAT Commander " Kreons (2011, 190/174 pieces)

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Prowl is heavily inspired by his original Generation One design, while borrowing many elements from his Classics incarnation such as the head sculpt. Prowl transforms into a police cruiser that bears many similarities to his Classics form.

The Prowl Kreon is inspired by his original Generation One design retaining much of the detailing found on the original figure, while the helmet draws it's designs more from the Classic version.