The name or term "Predaking" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Predaking (disambiguation).

Serial Number A2227
Franchise Transformers
Year 2013
Number of Pieces 79
Allegiance Decepticons
Kreons Included Razorclaw


Run Standard

Predaking is a Decepticon Kreon Combiner released in wave 1 of the Kreon Micro Changer Combiners series as a complete set of 4 Predacon Kreons that combine to form Predaking. Predaking is comprised of the following Predacon Kreon minifigures:


Ah, there's nothing like hunting a terrified group of teensy Kreons through the jungle. Yes indeed, nothing gets my Energon flowing like plucking off a victim's legs, putting them on the wrong way, and watching the poor fool run backward into trees. You might call it mean, but I just call it funny.

  • Hobbies: Hunting. Messing with tiny Kreons.
  • Favorite food: Steak. Cooked.

Character ProfileEdit

Predaking is a primal beast who relishes the opportunity to torture his Autobot victims once he has ambushed and caught them. He can be vicious on the battlefield, but in private he keeps a very emotional journal.


Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Predaking was originally announced as "Predicus" at San Diego Comic-Con. The name was corrected for the toy release, but remains "Predicus" on the Micro Changers Combiners bio-poster available on the Kre-O website.
  • Rampage, who misses out being part of the gestalt, instead comes separately in a blind-packed bag. But he can built at part of Predaking if you have any sense of creativity & imagination.