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Some call me the best AUTOBOT spy ever assembled. I guess I am pretty quick. And I don't know of any other KREON characters that can match my stealth and cunning... Does that make me the best ever? I don't know. I'll let history decide. All I can do is keep risking my life day in and day out…
Favorite Pastime:
Watching the KRE-O Grand Prix with my fellow AUTOBOTS.

Most Prized Possession:
My rubberized, detachable, ENERGON infused race wheels.

Person You Most Admire
Brick, James Brick, secret agent.

Character Profile:

When the Autobots need a super-spy to infiltrate the Decepticons' ranks, they call on Mirage. ANd if things get too hot, Mirage can always use his slick Energon-infused tires to hightail it out of there. Hopefully just in time to crack open some Energon and watch the KRE-O Grand Prix.


  • Mirage with Mirage and "Race Driver " Kreons (2011, 119 pieces)
    Kreo-Mirage-Robot 1306103703.jpg
The Mirage figure's head sculpt is based on the head of Classics Mirage, however the figure itself seems to borrow elements heavily from the design of Generation One Mirage.