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Lockdown Air Raid
PTRU1-18179463 alternate1 dt.jpg
Serial Number A6956
Franchise Transformers
Year 2014
Release Date May 2014
Number of Pieces 203
Allegiance Autobots (Hound, Leadfoot Sideswipe)
Decepticons (Lockdown)
Kreons Included Hound, Sideswipe, Lockdown
Run Standard

Lockdown Air Raid is a building set released in 2014.


  • Buildable Lockdown's jet (with Dino Force Magnet)
  • Buildable Dinobot


Product Description[]

Build your own dino-on-robot Transformers adventures with the Lockdown Air Raid set! You can use the 203 pieces in this set to build a jet with a magnetic claw and moving wings, and a raging dino with powerful claws and a chomping jaw. Arm your Kreon figures with their blasters. Will your Sideswipe Kreon be able to escape the jet's magnetic claw? Will your dino be able to dodge the jet's missiles? It's all up to you!

  • Release Date: May 2014



  • The Sideswipe Kreon is Sideswipe in name only, as it is based upon the Autobot Wrecker "Leadfoot" as seen in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.