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Transformers Konquest []


Rebuild the Transformers before its to late.

Kre-O Transformers Comic Creator []

a creator for comics

Prime Defense []

Kre-O Prime Defence title.jpg

There are flaming meteors flying down a road! Optimus Prime must mount a defense by running down the road and shooting all the meteors with missiles. Ratchet is on hand to provide him with repairs, but since there seems to be a never-ending supply of meteors, will Optimus succeed?came out in 2012.

Prime VS The Zombie Cons  []

Kre-O Prime VS The Zombie Cons title.jpg

Optimus Prime is tasked with single-handedly defending Phoenix from a horde of incoming Zombie Cons. The other Autobots occasionally para-drop supplies to assist him. came out in 2012

Kreon Choas[]

Kreon Chaos title.jpg

Having arrived on CybertronOptimus Prime rendezvous with Bumblebee so they can break into the Decepticon base. Bumblebee falls into a trap in the process, and Optimus must team up with Sentinel Prime to rescue him. As they will need explosives to infiltrate the base, Jazzpractices laying explosives, and Ratchet joins the team to help by repairing terminals so that Bumblebee can hack them. The Autobots finally breach the base and track down the Optimus Prime kit parts, so that Ratchet can put them together.hasbro website in 2012

Bumblebee Boulder Dash[]

Kre-O Bumblebee Boulder Dash title.jpg

Starscream is a dick who likes shooting the road ahead of Bumblebee, so that Bumblebee has to dodge theboulders coming at him.this was made only on the kre-o nation site in 2013.

Prowl's Pursuit[]

Kre-O Prowl's Pursuit.jpg

The Decepticons are driving on human roads! Prowl is the only one who can stop them, by driving them off the road while carefully avoiding harm to the inhabitants of Earth.this came out only a exlusive to the Kre-o Nation stite in 2013

 Starscream stand off     []

How many Autobots/Human can you destory and how many waves can you with stand

Megatron Takedown[]

Your Bumblebee and Takedown Megatron

Kre-O Creator[]

Make your own Kre-o Transformers.

Kreate Combiners[]

make your own Kre-o transformers combiners!

Kre-O Cityville Invasion[]

Kre-O Cityville invasion by Zinga is available Android and Apple platforms.

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