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Jazz (31146)
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Serial Number 31146
Franchise Transformers
Year 2011
Release Date June 2011
Price $11.99
Number of Pieces 122
Allegiance Autobots
Kreons Included Jazz
Race Driver
Run Standard

The Autobot Jazz set is a construction set released in 2011.


  • Buildable Jazz kit


Product Description[]

With 122 bricks and other construction pieces, you can build the heroic Autobot Jazz character in either robot or vehicle mode with just one set! In robot mode, your Autobot Jazz figure is a stylish, yet tough warrior. Build and rebuild him so he can best serve the Autobot cause! In vehicle mode, one of your Kreon figures can ride inside the race car. Whether they’re riding inside or directing the action from the outside, your poseable Kreon figures are there to help your hero save the day!


Other Releases[]

Notes & Trivia[]

  • The Kre-O Jazz set is based primarily on Generation 1 Jazz in deco, with a head sculpt heavily based on 2010 Transformers "Reveal the Shield" Special Ops Jazz's head, but with Movie Jazz's silver coloration.
  • The included Jazz Kreon is based directly on his Generation 1 deco including his "door wings"and light gray gun. The "Race Driver" Kreon wears a red and light gray racing suit and helmet, and also has a light gray baseball cap.
  • This set shows signs of having been slightly redesigned late in production. Included among the pieces is a red seat which is not used in either mode; there is an obvious place where it "belongs" in the middle of the car's cabin, but it cannot actually fit there due to other parts interfering. Similarly, there is a black sticker with "vent" detailing which the builder is never instructed to apply anywhere, though according to stock photography, it is intended for Jazz's abdomen/pelvis section.


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