Kre-O-Insecticon-Robot 1342303914
Vicious tickle torturer
Franchise Transformers
Set Transformers Micro-Changers

Collection 1 (#A2200)

Year 2012
Blind Bag Code 22921 46
Number of Pieces
Allegiance Decepticon
Resources Instructions
Insecticon is a Decepticon Kreon released in wave 1 of the Kreon Micro Changer series.

Official BioEdit

Kre-O-Insecticon-Bug 1342303914

Keep their food away from Singe.

A lot of these other guys are into philosophy. What’s good, what’s evil – all that junk. Me? I’m into food! Give me a big field full of grain, or – yum! – a refinery full of crude oil, and I’m one happy bug. I’m drooling just thinking about that big stinky mess. Nom!

Hobbies: Talking about food.

Favorite food: Natural gas. Oil. Anything smelly and explosive.

Hydraulic kicks: Strong enough to bust any KREON™ in half.

Character Profile:

Insecticon is always hungry for battle and will chow down on anything and everything in his path. He will go to great lengths for a bite of Autobot hide. Insecticon may not be a bright guy, but his Hydraulic Kick will flatten his enemies in a second.