Hound is an Autobot Kreon appearing in the Transformers franchise.


Hound Custom KreonEdit

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This set includes extra pieces and a storage rack to customise your kreon any way you want. This set marks the first single release of the Hound character in Kre-O .

Lockdown Air RaidEdit

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Hound is included in the Lockdown Air Raid building set alongside Lockdown and Sideswipe Kreons.

Custom Kreon Hound (AOE)Edit

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A second Custom Kreon based on Hound's movie likeness. Instead of the Hound-style helmet from all other versions (including other movie-like releases), it includes a seeker helmet.

Silver Knight AutobotsEdit

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Kreon Class of 1984Edit

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Notes & Trivia=Edit

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  • It is assumed that due to the existence of the Crankstart and Bulkhead kreons, that a redeco will likely be released as Hound. Both Crankstart and Bulkhead Kreons bear a striking mold resemblance to Hound. A Hound kreon has been seen at several conventions, but no official release has been announced.