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Hasbro Incorporated is a toy and board game company based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA. One of the largest toy producers in the world, they have numerous subsidiaries and divisions including the Milton Bradley Company (creators of the Battleship game), Wizards of the Coast (owners of the Dungeons & Dragons brand), and the Hub television network which broadcasts programming related to Hasbro properties. Hasbro unveiled the Kre-O brand at the Toy Fair 2011 convention as their second attempt to break into the plastic brick construction set market dominated by LEGO; their previous attempt was the ill-fated Built to Rule line, which like Kre-O also featured Transformers and G.I. Joe sub-lines.

Although Hasbro designs, markets, and sells Kre-O (except in Japan, where their partner company Takara Tomy handles this), the actual manufacture of the sets is handled by the Korean toy company Oxford; Hasbro has been partnered with Oxford to export their products to other markets since 2010[1], and Oxford has a decades-long history of manufacturing plastic building block sets.


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