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Dirge is a Decepticon Kreon released in wave 1 of the Kreon Micro Changer series.

Official bioEdit

You'd think being one of the only Kreons who can fly would be great, but you'd be wrong. Flying is depressing. It's cold, and lonely, and all you can see are a bunch of tiny things you just want to crush like bugs on the ground. But being on the ground is just as depressing. Ugh. Let's face it. Everything's pretty pointless.

Favorite childhood pet: I had a pet toucan, but it ran away.

Afraid of: Clowns.

'Best friend: No one. Friends always just betray, anyway.

Character Profile:

If you're looking for a good time, make sure you don't hang out with DIrge. He's always depressed about something and can be a real downer. Mostly he feels betrayed by his (Decepticon) pals, but betrayal is kind of their thing!

Notes: In the Kre-O Transformers Character Encyclopedia Dirge is incorrectly referred to as a Predacon. For the purposes of this Wiki, the character profile has been adjusted accordingly.