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Cityville Invasion

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Dungeons & Dragons

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G.I. Joe

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Star Trek  

Exclusive Comic Con - USS Enterprise.jpg

U.S.S. Enterprise (T.O.S.) (Shared Exclusive between Gamestop and San Diego ComicCon 2013)


Transformers-Kreon-Energon-Bumblebee-Possible-NYCC-Exclusive-Images-1 scaled 600.jpg

Energon Bumblebee (NYCC 2012) 

A Bumblebee Kreon molded entirely in clear blue plastic exclusive to New York Comic Con 2012. Energon Bumblebee comes packaged inside a small window box with an outer sleeve.

Matrix Optimus Prime  (Botcon 2011, 10 pieces)

KreonPrime08 1350925609.jpg

This redeco of the regular Optimus Prime Kreon has an open chest showing the Matrix of Leadership within. He comes with a G1 inspired gun and a black brick display stand. Originally intended to be exclusive to BotCon 2011, this figure appears to have been produced in such quantities that it became available in other venues as well. It was handed out at San Diego Comic-Con 2011, offered as a free giveaway with any order that included Transformers toys on Hasbro Toy Shop), as a free gift on the cover of the Awesome Autobots Activity Book, and came as a free gift attached to issue #240 of the UK children's comic, Doctor Who Adventures. A factory error also caused this version, minus the display brick, to be included in the larger Optimus Prime kit (see above). This problem has been fixed in later releases.

2013 Machine Wars package.jpg

Machine Wars Kreon Souvenir Figure Set  (Botcon 2013)

Consisting of Hoist , Megaplex , Obsidian , Skywarp , and Strika as part of the Botcon 2013 "Machine Wars Kreon Souvenir Figure" set, these kreon figures were pased upon figures from both the Machine Wars series, and the Beast Machines series. Only 1500 of these sets were made. 

10301508 244420045756576 5561342855039531498 n.jpg

Micro-Changer 6 figure set (Botcon 2014)

This Micro-Changer 6 figure set was exclusive to Botcon Exclusive 2014 and consisted of figures for; Kreon Fractyl, Kreon Landshark, Kreon Breakdown, Kreon Rodimus, Kreon Gigatron, and Kreon Rattrap. It is assumed that the prefix of Kreon was added to each of the names by Fun Publications to prevent any conflicts with trademarks held by Hasbro.

10487216 464643800347238 4568458205362783110 n.jpg

 Class of 1984 Kreon Set (San Diego ComicCon 2014)

The Kreon Class of 1984 set was exclusive to San Diego ComicCon 2014 and consisted of 30 Kreons with Generation 1 toy accurate deco.

Class of 1985 Kreon Set (San Diego ComicCon 2015) 

SDCC 2015 Kreo 3 1434038758.jpg

The Kreon Class of 1985 set was exclusive to San Diego ComicCon 2015 and consisted of 30 Kreons with Generation 1 toy accurate deco.

11206514 10203245151764241 1749486136231651925 o zps67wms1gs.jpg

Earth's Most Wanted 5 Kreon Set (BotCon 2015) 

Along the same lines as the conventions theme of "Cybertron's most wanted", this "Earth's Most Wanted" kreon pack (listed as a 5 pack) contains 6 Kreons and was exclusive to BotCon 2015 in Chicago (St. Charles), Illinois.