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Bumblebee Disc Demolishor Set
Serial Number B0949
Franchise Transformers: Robots in Disguise
Year 2015
Number of Pieces 186
Allegiance Autobots (Bumblebee)

Decepticons (Bisk, Clampdown)

Kreons Included Bumblebee, Bisk, Clampdown

Bumblebee is the new Autobot team leader, and he's rolling out with plenty of firepower on his mission to catch the rampaging Decepticons. Be part of the chase with this KRE-O battle vehicle building set. The Bumblebee Disc Demolisher features a Bumblebee racecar build complete with a blasting disc 'launcher. The building set comes with a Bumblebee Kreon figure and two Decepticon Kreon figures, Bisk and Clampdown. Imagine you're racing after the escaped Decepticons on a mission to save Earth. Once they're captured, place the Decepticon figures inside the stasis pod to put them back on lockdown. The stasis pod automatically snaps shut when you put a Kreon figure inside!

  • Release Date: Spring 2015



Vehicle Build[]