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Bumblebee is an unstoppable party machine who loves playing pranks on his unsuspecting Autobot buddies. And if there's a human party around, he'll crash it and stay till the break of dawn (or at least until he has to fight again). That's just how he rolls.

Official DescriptionEdit

'Sup? I'm BUMBLEBEE, and I'm just about the coolest KREON character you'll ever meet. When I'm not punking the other AUTOBOTS, I like to spend my time cruising the freeway at top speed, hunting for the ultimate source of ENERGON.

  • Hobbies: Pranking PROWL and speeding!
  • Favorite Hangout: Anywhere there are lots of humans and loud music!
  • Big Plan: To form a block-rockin' band. And also learn how to brick-surf.


Bumblebee (31144)Edit

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Custom Kreon Bumblebee (AOE)Edit

A second Custom Kreon based on Bumblebee's film likeness.

Decepticon ReplicatorEdit

This set includes a Bumblebee Kreon as well as Kreons for Optimus Prime , Stinger , Nemesis Prime , and a Scientist .