Kre-O Wiki
Army Builder Pack
Serial Number A6877000/A6735
Franchise Dungeons & Dragons
Year 2014
Number of Pieces Varies
Allegiance Varies
Kreons Included Varies

Army Builder Packs are blind-bagged kreons from the Kre-O Dungeons & Dragons sub-line, including any of twelve randomly assorted kreons and their associated cards. Unlike most blind-bagged kreon sets, the Army Builder kreons seem to only represent nameless characters without individual identities.

Product Description

Prepare for battle by building your DUNGEONS & DRAGONS KREON army! Each blind bag comes with one KREON figure, a KREON card.  There are 36 DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ARMY BUILDER KREON figures to collect. Each blind bag sold separately. (Approximate Retail Price: $2.99; Ages: 7 & up; Pieces: 18; Available: January 2014)

Hasbro realizes the true potential of blind bags: vast crowd scenes of nameless nobodies.

Collection 1[]

Blue Kreons[]

  • Cleric (06)
  • Flag Carrier (07)
  • Paladin (08)
  • Fighter (15)
  • Illusion Wizard (16)

Red Kreons[]

  • Tiefling (05)
  • Orc Axeman (09)
  • Orc Bestmaster (10)
  • Orc Drudge (11)
  • Orc Fighter (12)
  • Orc Wardrummer (13)
  • Statue Warrior (14)