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The Armor Hero Hunter series is the successor to Armor Hero Captor, and is based on the series of the same name. While not a Kre-O brand product, it shares much of the same tooling. As such, we here at the Kre-O Wiki felt appropriate to include it. 

Many of the names used for these sets were roughly translated from Chinese using Google Translate. If you find a name to be innacurate, please let us know so that we may make the corrections accordingly.

Hunter Super Armor Warriors[]

Super Armor Warriors Hunter Eagle

Super Armor Warriors Hunter Horse

Hunter Building Sets[]

Flame Machine Stunt Fighter

Hunter Hunch Overtime Hunt

Hunter Ice Feather Chasing Machine

Hunter Phantom Fighter

Hunter Rush Car Overtime Air Raid

Hunter Stallion Chasing Gun

Shark Will Catch The Chariot

Steel Horse Soul Armored Robot

Thunder Chariot Attack Stone Strange Array